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latest news: Project Diamond

The legal sector: Land of opportunity for women or dead end?

Deborah Gray, one of three founding Directors at Totum Partners considers why gender statistics in the legal sector may not be revealing the whole story of how women are impacting the profession. Women still have some way to go to be fairly and equally represented in the workplace. As the recent publication of gender pay […]

The gender pay gap and why it’s not about fixing women

And it’s not about the confidence gap, either The recent flurry of interest in the gender pay gap has rightly put a spotlight on the differential in earnings between men and women. Over ten thousand organisations recently returned their first gender pay gap reports and, whilst unsurprising for many, the statistics confirm a gap on […]

Fulfillment at work is possible

Each of us gets fulfilment and satisfaction from our work in different ways.  For some, they may want to be able to create brand new ideas or invent groundbreaking solutions.  For others, they may not feel they have achieved much unless there is an empty inbox and all of their to do list has been […]