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Holidays Booked? Do You Really Need Malaria Tablets

For all you travellers seeking to broaden your horizons, to jet off to places warm and exotic, latitudinally below our temperate island, we’d be fibbing if we said we weren’t just a little envious. I mean, yes; April has been kind to us here in the United Kingdom, and some of us even managed to […]


Returns on the MBA investment for women as positive as for men

Women may have a real higher opportunity cost and a perceived lower future return In almost every country in the world, women make up the majority of graduates, and yet once they enter the workforce they fade away. The higher up the organisational hierarchy you go, the smaller the proportion of women. It is against […]

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H E L P!!! Bail Gwen Rhys out of The Tower

As the Master Glass Seller, our Founder and CEO, Gwen Rhys,  has been invited by the Lord Mayor, Alderman Alan Yarrow and the Lady Mayoress to be Jailed & Bailed at The Tower on 19 June. Get Gwen out NOW The day starts at 10.30am with coffee in the Mansion House but she’ll hardly have […]

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Media supporters wanted – reach influential women

  Become a Media Supporter! We are currently looking for reciprocal relationships with organisations and groups to help ensure the Future Leaders Award is widely promoted. Typically, Women in the City Future Leaders Award applicants are at the transition point between a management and leadership role and will form the pipeline of women who will […]

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The Five Things Women Want

Women start their careers hungry to attain a powerful job, but lose their appetite as they age. Even for women without children, and those who are breadwinners, power loses its luster for the 35-to-50 … [Read More...]