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Financial services is facing gender diversity gap

The UK financial services sector is facing a gender diversity gap as only one in five contractors in the industry are women, according to professional services consultancy Procorre. The firm, which analysed data from the official research body of the European Commission Eurostat, found just 19% of UK contractors in the sector are women. The […]


100 years since the suffragettes, 100 years to go for equality in Parliament

Parliament is predominantly male. It is made up of 503 men and 147 women, 77 % of MPs are men. There have only ever been 369 women MPs, since 1918. The House of Commons, where all the laws are made, still doesn’t properly represent 52% of the population. It lacks women’s wisdom, expertise and experience. […]


Sign the Grazia Equal Pay Campaign

Get Section 78 of the Equality Act enacted Grazia magazine is petitioning for Section 78 of the Equality Act 2010 to be enacted. This would mean businesses with 250 employees or more would have to publish anonymised details annually about the hourly pay of men and women they employ. This transparency would help end the […]


Women in 40s earning 34% less than men

Being a women costs 14 more years at work New salary figures show that a ‘mid-life pay crisis’ is hitting female managers, with women aged 40-plus earning 34% less than men. To earn the same as a male manager over a career, a woman would have to work the equivalent of over 14 years more […]

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Collaboration, it’s all about building and maintaining trust

INSERT SUITABLE IMAGE FOR TEAM COLLABORATION CEDR LOGO NEEDED YOU MIGHT WANT TO PROVIDE HYPERLINKS TO PROFILES ABOUT RANSE HOWELL AND MARGARET HEFFERNAN Choosing to collaborate is a strategic choice which accepts working in uncertain and often unpredictable circumstances. This can place demands on working relationships with the risk that bad collaboration can be worse […]


Katherine Weekes joins Women in the City as Social Media Intern

We’re delighted that Katherine Weekes has joined the Women in the City team as our Social Media Intern. Katherine graduated this summer from Oxford University with a BA in English and having already been part of our Hospitality Team, brings her knowledge of Women in the City together with her avid use of social media […]

Karla Gowlett

Two winners announced for 2014 Future Leaders Award

After an unprecedented raft of incredible nominees, this year’s Judging Panel found it impossible to select one overall winner from the 5 Finalists. After hours of deliberation, the panel agreed that both Dr Deborah Gill (Interim Director, UCL Medical School, University College London) and Naomi Bowman (Senior Manager, Governance & Operations – Group Monitor Liaison […]


Janet Thomas WOA Award Financial Services Category Judge

We’re delighted that Janet Thomas our 2009 Woman of Achievement Financial Services Category Winnner has agreed to be a Judge for this year’s Financial Services Category. Janet is currently Managing Director of Infinity Capital Partners and President of Women in Banking and Finance. She was previously Head of EMEA Prime Brokerage FX Sales at Bank […]

Women in the City Champions Club News

Women In The City

Joining fee waived until 31 August on Champions Club

As part of the Club you’ll be actively championing the work of Women in the City and be at the heart of our continued progress and long-term development.  Your commitment is instrumental in steering WIC to continue to be a leading organisation in promoting, recognising and rewarding female talent. Our Champions are intelligent, thoughtful and […]

Anita Issac finds a mentor

Emerald Champion is mentored by a Diamond Champion We’re delighted that Sue Armstrong, Head of Delivery Excellence at Fujitsu, a WOA Award Category Finalist and one of our Diamond Champions has begun to mentor Emerald Champion, and this month’s Champion in the Spotlight, Anita Isaac.

Sue Wright wins bursary to Henley Business School

Congragulations to Sue Wright, Associate General Counsel, EMEA for NACCO Materials Handling. This Emerald Champion who has won a significant bursary in the 30% Club and Henley Business School’s ‘Women in Leadership Scholarship Competition.


Jane Keir becomes Senior Partner

Diamond Champion becomes Senior Partner This May, Jane Keir, winner of the 2007 Woman of Achievement Legal Category Award and WIC Diamond Member becomes Senior Partner of Kingsley Napley, a leading City law firm.

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Revised Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms to support gender diversity

Codes of Practice and Accreditation Process revised in July 2014 taking into account the recommendations made following an independent review undertaken by Charlotte Sweeney Associates that tested the integrity of the Voluntary Code of Conduct and its impact. The Code was drawn up by the executive search community in 2011 in response to the recommendations […]


The Career Paradox for UK Career Women

A significant minority of working women still feel that their gender acts as a barrier to career progression. According to a recent survey conducted by career-coaching providers Talking Talent, 44% of more than 1,000 respondents feel that their gender has hindered, or will hinder, their career prospects. Advertising and engineering were rated as the worst […]